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Shopify is one of the commended hosted Ecommerce store setups that offer you an end to end solution for setting up your online business and start selling your product across the globe.
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All you want to know about Multi-vendor Marketplace in Shopify

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All you want to know about Multi-vendor Marketplace in Shopify

Shopify is one of the commended hosted Ecommerce store setups that offer you an end to end solution for setting up your online business and start selling your product across the globe. Being one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms, Shopify, has always been a preferred choice of wise online entrepreneurs.  You do not have to put the pieces together on your own, as Shopify does most of the part for you. One of the most demanding feature in the Shopify is multiple seller management. What is it really? It is a feature that allows you to add multiple sellers in your Shopify store. 

The multi-vendor store on Shopify isn’t a built-in option. Just like its other contenders, Amazon or eBay, you need to custom-made the option for multiple vendor’s store. You might think, It might be a little complex idea to figure out what a multi-vendor is, and how to implement. But don’t worry, Shopify has different apps available on the Shopify app marketplace to get it done for you. The choices of the Shopify apps are limited and not many of the options are recommended. You need to choose the best Shopify Apps with care as the best ones can give you the best results. Let’s go through some of it.

Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace App

Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace app is an excellent tool to convert your online shop into a fully functioning marketplace. It provides the process of adding sellers as vendors and keep track of their sales. Sellers can create their own shop with a variety of products. Admin can easily set individual commission and global commission for all the sellers.

BASIC PLAN: $10/month

Free Trial: 15 days

Admin Panel. Picture Courtesy: Multivendor Marketplace

Best Features

  • Multilingual and low cost
  • Multiple locations are compatible
  • Custom profile page and dashboard for Admin and vendors
  • Admin can setup global commission as well as individual commissions for vendors
  • Great inventory management. Bulk products can be edited and handled by csv.
  • Add unlimited products
  • Product Sync from other Stores
  • Admin can manage-allow/disallow tax on their products
  • Admin to seller and seller customer invoices are available
  • Order fulfilment reminder features
  • Buyer seller chat
  • Customers can ask queries directly to Vendors

Multi Seller Marketplace

This is app also helps to run your store with multiple sellers. Sellers can manage the products and orders in their own seller panel and the store admin can manage these sellers with no worries. Store owner can review the products and stuffs through the master admin dashboard with lots of other settings. This is also a paid app, but you can explore the features buy trying it for 1 month

Bacic Plan : 39.99$/month

Free Trial: 30 days

https://www.hashtag-ca.com/blogs/all-you-want-to-know-about-multi-vendor-marketplace-in-shopify/attachment/ecommerce-development-company-kochi/ Seller Dashboard. Picture Courtesy: Multi Seller Marketplace

Best features

  • Manages Vendors/ Collections/ Products etc
  • Admin can create/manage products, admin can review and approve/reject (either set auto approval or manually) the products uploaded by merchant
  • Admin can remind the seller to manage / process their order
  • Can set the measurement unit which is used to display unit of weight when any product is added or edited by vendor/admin.
  • Can set seller commission on product either in percentage or amount
  • Product management using CSV. Bulk uploads can be managed.(Both normal and digital)
  • Vendor can manage their payment method and payment detail which is used when their payment is done by admin.
  • Vendor can also see their total transaction detail with paid, cancel, success and refund detail

Marketplace in a Box

The name itself says a lot. Everything you need to set up, monetize, and run your marketplace with real time activity tracking. It is a powerful portal for quick vendor on-boarding. It is highly recommended for admins those who wants to get update with the real time notifications, vendor payouts, pricings, and other daily operations and saves money.

Free Plan : 14 days free trial

Basic Plan: Assisted on-boarding and setup for 30 mins at $99

 Admin Dashboard. Picture Courtesy: Market Cube                      

Best Features

  • Set up your marketplace commission to get paid and pay your vendors for every sale in your store. Admin can set either % commission or set amount and even configure different commission levels for different vendors, different product categories or combination of both.
  • Invite or import vendors or embed a link in your website for vendor signup.
  • Customise your marketplace design
  • Customised email templates, invoices especially for your store branding
  • Easy to perform bulk uploads and import functions
  • Automatic / Customised notifications for new orders in website and privilege to accept/ reject new products in the store.
  • Stay up to date with order processing status.
  • Realtime inventory sync with store
  • Get dedicated customer support from Marketcube

Since Shopify is a kind of e-Commerce website builder, by default you won’t get the option for multivendor marketplace. Hence you can hire any Ecommerce website development company or Shopify experts like Hashtag Team who offers the complete solution for an eCommerce business. Ready to discuss your next project?

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