Hashtag Systems | Install GIT for Windows and create/manage repository using Eclipse and PUTTY
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Install GIT for Windows and create/manage repository using Eclipse and PUTTY

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GIT is an efficient open source distributed version control system.

How to Install GIT for Windows

Step 1 : Download correct version of git from Here or Copy and paste this (https://git-scm.com/download) link to the browser tab
Step 2 : Currently the latest version of GIT for Windows is:
Step 3 : Click on the downloaded executable to start the install process. Accept all the default options during installation as shown below.

The installation wizard will walk you through the following 10 screens:

1) Welcome Screen

2) Read the license

3) Select Destination folder: By default this will be installed under “C:\Program Files\Git”
4) Select Components: This lets you choose which components of git you like to install. Use the default selections.

5) Select Start Menu Folder
6) Adjusting your PATH environment: Use the default selection “Use Git Bash Only”

7) The SSH executable default will be “Use OpenSSH”

8) Configuring the line ending conversions: This indicates how Git will treat the line ending in the text files. If you are planning to checkout files from a remote Git repository that is running on Linux, use the default selection “Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings”.

9) Installing: This will show the progress bar indicating the installation progress.
10) Completing the Git setup wizard: Click on finish to exist the setup.
11) Set environment variable for git: add this two lines in the path section
C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe
C:\Program Files\Git\cmd
(Replace the drive and path if it not installed at C drive, this is the default path for git installation if nothing specified)

To check if the git installed properly type this on command prompt
Git –version

If it installed correctly then the screen will look like this,

If not installed properly the screen will be,

Create / Clone Remote Repositories

You need an account in github.com,

If you already have an account sign in or otherwise signup

1) After successful login, the page will show all created repositories there

2) Create new repository by click on the New button

3) Created repository in detail

Get the project via ‘git clone’ method,it has two methods:
1. Clone with Https
2. Clone with SSH
Take this command from git hub and clone to the localhost in client machine
Now the folder contain only the git README file and a .git folder
Then we need a IDE for git operations but same time we can manage git via Command prompt, but let’s look with an IDE here we are using Eclipse as IDE

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