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Recipe for Writing a Good Blog post

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The first and foremost thing in writing a blog is the undivided attention of at least an hour. So if you are willing to dedicate some time for a delicious blog which tastes good from a reader’s viewpoint, you have to use the ingredients correctly.

Here are a few points to note while writing a good blog post:

1. Research – Everything needs research. You should have a better idea on what you are gonna work on. Not only while writing a blog, but in every sector, every task. It’s important to make your content unique and remarkable. Take a look at the posts published by your competitors on the same topic. Our aim should be to satisfy our readers as well as ourselves. So, Educate yourself on the topic.

2. SEO – To attract more readers to the website, you just need to use more keywords. A keyword is simply a term used to search in search engines. The more we use accurate keywords, the more they get driven to our article. Make sure that the keyword density is not more than 2%, because Google doesn’t promote meaningless content with keywords. So, spread out the keyword throughout the blog instead of stuffing them in a single paragraph.

3. Titles/Headlines should be catchy – The title of your article plays an important role in a user being picking up your blog from among the results displayed on the Search engine result page. If you use an amazing title, then the reader’s eye will stick to it and there is a greater chance of clicking and reading your article. A perfect title should be informative, yet shows there is more to be read inside the content than that in this catchy title. There is a limit on the length of the title – it shouldn’t be more than 71 characters. If you face difficulty in creating an interesting title, there are online tools that help in analyzing, providing results, and suggestions on the title we chose.

4. Know your readers – You must be aware of the group of people who arrive at your blog and keep in mind who you are targeting while preparing the content. It helps you a lot in conveying the details by highlighting what they need to read. Hence, stick to one group of audience and move in a single direction so that you will be able to answer them/discuss when in need.

5. Try to solve the problem – Instead of providing too much unnecessary information about the topic, be specific on the details that they need to focus on and thus solve the problem. Use meaningful paragraphs to make them readable. Use bullet points since too many details set in paragraphs tend to be skipped by the reader. Place your content attractively and neatly to let the reader go through them interestingly.

6. Include CTAs – After reading an article, let the reader take some actions like commenting on the blog post, discussing the topic, subscribe to the newsletter, contribute to the author, etc. Such calls to actions like “Buy Now”, “Subscribe”, “Comment”, “Donate”, etc encourages the reader to learn more about the topic.

7. Post Regularly – Do you want to attract more readers and increase the traffic to the article? If yes, the only way to do so is by posting regularly. The regular readers who wait to hear from you at least once or twice a week are an asset to a blogger.

8. Pictures/Videos – Don’t forget to add images/videos related to the blog in a way that depicts the topic in detail. As you all know, the articles with images/videos get more attention. You don’t need to be a photoshop freak to add images to the blog you choose. You can get some royalty-free images related to the topic online.

9. Proofreading – Even the professional content writers are prone to create grammar mistakes or typos, which can be avoided when you proofread your content at the final stage. You could use any grammar checking tools like Grammarly to avoid such minute errors. Read your blog once more by putting yourself in the shoes of the group of readers whom you aim at. If you feel it’s interesting and you could solve the problems that you face, then you are good to go. Else the blog needs some more polishing.


Enjoy Blogging!!

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