Hashtag Systems | Step by step guide to migrate your wordpress website from any host to wpengine
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Step by step guide to migrate your wordpress website from any host to wpengine

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Step 1 :- Take a back up of your current wordpress website /wp-content folder as .zip format.You can do it either through Cpanel or via FTP. 

a) Cpanel – by logging in to the cpanel, compress the folder and download as zip
b) FTP – download the whole file inside /wp-content folder and zip it.


Step 2:- Export your current Database from your host  in .sql format.

Step3:- Login to your WP Engine user panel, enter in to your site and select site migration from the left side panel as in the below screenshot.

After entering this page you have to click on the “manually migrate your site” link on the top right corner of the page.

Once you click on that link, you will be taken to a page where you can import your database (which we have exported in step 2) and upload the /wp-content folder as zip.You can then follow the instructions as in the following screenshots.

When the file is uploaded, you’ll be prompted to notify the support that the file is ready. Wp engine will then unzip your file and email you when it’s time for you to move to the next step.


Step 4:- Now you have to update the A record and CNAME records in your hosting panel inorder to point your website to the new wp engine hosting.You can enter those details at your domain registrar – under the DNS settings. Please note that it might take a few hours to propagate.


That’s all and your site is up and running!

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